Women Of Debt Relief

Bringing women together to grow

personally and professionally through leadership education networking support recognition.

About W.O.D.R.

Women of Debt Relief is an association that brings women in the financial services industry together to provide opportunities to grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking, support, and recognition. We are a group of women working in the Debt Relief Industry, our group that supports all debt relief options for consumers, debt settlement, credit counseling, collections, consumer financial education, lending, payment processors and marketing. Our mission for this group is for us to be collaborative, supportive, share ideas, and to make us all stronger together in our professional and personal lives.

I have been in the financial services/debt relief industry for over 18 years and one of the first things I noticed about my industry was there were so few women in executive leadership. Over the years this dynamic has been evolving, but still not equal. With that we as women face different challenges in the workplace. Learning how to navigate through this and win at the end the day is tough. One of the many things I’ve learned is that the support and guidance from your peers makes the difference.
I created Women of Debt Relief to be an exceptional group of women that come from the financial services industry that can share insights, guidance, and support for one another and to create opportunities through this network.

Teresa Dodson

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