WODR WEBINAR 2024: Emotions! Your Leadership Superpower.
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WODR WEBINAR 2024: Emotions! Your Leadership Superpower.

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About Susan

With a distinguished career spanning over 35 years in the Collection and Debt Buying Industry, Susan Richards stands out as a respected executive. She founded On-Demand Chief Operating Officer to specialize in delivering customized services to the debt collection industry, attorney networks, technology sectors, debt buyers, debt sales, and all facets of a call center. Whether serving as a Fractional COO, Fractional Business Development expert, or engaging in collaborations with BPO companies, her focus is on cultivating strategic partnerships for mutual growth and success. Susan’s mission is to leverage her extensive industry network to benefit her clients.
“Often regarded as the master motivator in collections and operations, akin to Tony Robbins, I bring a proven track record of achieving results.” Susan Richards Susan’s Company: CredTech Consulting, LLC is committed to securing the success of every client by offering a comprehensive range of services. Whether an organization needs staffing/BPO, first-party collections, or third-party collections, they collaborate with seasoned experts to deliver optimal solutions. Additionally, if legal assistance is needed, rest assured that CredTech has their clients covered. Clients are CredTech’s top priority, and as an extension of their client’s company, they leverage three decades of experience to serve them diligently.

Webinar Achievement Points:

  • Define What Emotional Leadership is Today and Why It’s So Powerful.
  • Empower and Open Your Emotional Leadership Skills to Grow in Every Aspect of Life.
  • The “Care Costs”. Calculating The ROI of Caring for Your Team. Creating and Contributing to a Company’s ‘Emotional SuperPower Ecosystem’ with Exceptional Boundaries.
  • Cultivating Space for Employees to Express Ideas while Never Compromising Your Leadership Decisions. Equipping Others To ‘Fix’ What’s Needed Over Immediate Complaints.
  • Feeding the Practice of “Flipping Failure”. Everyone Fails. Not Everyone Falls. How To Use Your Personal Flippin’ Story to Teach Others Through and With the Tears.
  • Apologizing in 2024. Energizing Yourself with The Judgement of Others. You’re Not Sorry. Resourceful Strategies for Hard Conversations with Compassion.
  • Crushing Daily Excellence with Emotional Resilience. When “losing it” Leads to Personal Growth, Wise Decisions and Ultimate Respect in Leadership.
  • Fueling Your Female Mind in The Financial Industry. Why and How Women are Changing This Industry Today. Steps to Take Now to Love What You Do as You Face This Year’s Challenges.
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Give Your Passionate, Powerful Leadership Skills a Huge Mental, Emotional, and Physical Boost.

Negative Emotions.

Fear Happens, Integrate It! Fear is The Foundation of Progress When it’s Flipped and Focused into Fearlessness.

Reveal Your Emotional Superpowers

that others said, “Just Calm Down!” Don’t Calm Down. What You’re Doing is Making a Difference. Making a Difference Creates The Struggle. The Struggle Leaves a Legacy. Your Legacy is Making A Difference.


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